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"Be yourself because everyone else is already taken"

- Oscar Wilde - 

My name is Marette Cronin, I’m an Interior Designer living in Co. Kerry in the Southwest of Ireland.  I qualified in 2004 through Rhodec International.

Interior Design is not only my profession but also my passion.  I first noticed my interest in Interior Design as a teenager through watching movies  (another hobby of mine).  While watching both classic and modern movies I found the way houses were decorated intrigued me.  I still take inspiration from movies as well as many other influences, including anything from nature to different genres of design.  I love pulling different styles together to get the perfect eclectic balance in my projects.  The cliché ‘Home is where the heart is’ stands firm with me throughout the domestic design process.  I believe every home should be the best representation of the family that lives there.

In commercial projects, I like to respect whatever style it’s housed in.  Taking practical, functional and stylish aspects and yielding them into a captivating, beautiful and true reflection of the business.



Marette x

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